1. She still gets called little mermaid by a surprising number of people. I like it!

2. She laughs in her sleep, just like her mummy.

3. She has the best sense of humour in the world. Aries girls do like to have fun!

4. From the moment she was born, she has been watching the world with big ocean eyes. They are filled with sparkle and openness and laughter and wisdom.

5. We have had a beautiful quiet baby moon of a month with few visitors. The lovely souls who have met her comment on just how calm she is. And she is! We wonder if it is partly due to having a CalmBirth. Either way, we are so grateful that she is happy to be here :). And totally know that these things change as well…

6. I used to think it was a bit naff when people said kids change and grow everyday. But OMG! They doooooooo! Every single day she awakens and unfurls and blooms and grows even more.

7. She has grown over a kilogram in her first month! Little One is in a hurry to grow me thinks.

8. She has long fingers like her mama, and her daddy’s feet. And she looks just like her dadda which is totally awesome by me. Chris is the most adorable person on the earth, and now I have TWO of the most adorable people on the earth. How LUCKY can this goddess GET? Eeeeeeeeeep!

9. I wonder where she was before she came here. She just doesn’t feel brand new if that makes sense…

all the love in the world…