Hola gorgeous Goddess,

Thank you all so much for your support, love and encouragement about all the changes a-happening in Goddess land… I am so, so grateful to have you all here, sharing this Goddess journey with me.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I enacted that sacred sunday ritual of mine: Switch Off Sunday. And I’ve been feeling it. This morning I woke up and spent an hour surfing around aimlessly, feeling increasingly disgruntled and dissatisfied and all those dis-words. And then I realised… hey sweetpea… it’s SUNDAY. Switch off time.

The thought cheered me up immensely.

So I’m using this time to set my intentions for my Switch Off Sunday… and of course, you can join in too!

Each Sunday, I take either the whole day or the afternoon off from being online.

You are so welcome to join me in switching off, for the day or the afternoon or two hours… and re-discovering the joys of being switched onto life outside the laptop.

Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter, blogs and your inbox will all be there tomorrow waiting for you. But Sundays are for beautiful recharging 🙂

Here’s my intentions for my Switch off Sunday:

Reminder to self: This is not a to-do list. This is a list of possibilities. It is not an achievement to tick all of these off today. Do what calls you, and just allow yourself to be switched off.

  • Go a-visit a dear friend to pick up some extra baby supplies. Take my hot man with me, and admire his arms and eyes as he drives. Hug dear friend with big wide open arms and my half moon belly insisting on being a part of the hug too. Deeeeelightful.
  • Do some divine decluttering and sacred space clearing and get this sweet home of ours feeling like it’s flowing and really happy again. Also – think about sorting out my new art area so I actually know where things are! I really, really feel making our home all cosy and streamlined again is important today. Do you hear me, lovely Leonie.
  • Maybe finish some old paintings to send out into the world.
  • Burn some old papers in the firepit outside. Fire=transformation=letting go. Wahooooooo!
  • Organise my To-Do list so it feels less nutty and much more zen.
  • Have a lie-down in the afternoon and listen to some CalmBirthing meditations.
  • Finish washing some baby clothes and blankets and putting them away. My intention when washing and folding and stuffing my face into them to inhale their smell deeeeeeeeply is to feel like this is a sacred act of grounding and preparing the space for merbaby to come into our lives.
  • Watch some birthing videos with my love. There’s nothing that says romance like watching waterbirth videos together… hee hee hee!
  • Keep reading Birthing in Paradise. I started reading this little book last night and am a bit transfixed by it… it is the stories of a midwife who has lived with Inuit and Australian Aboriginal tribes and helped them birth.

Time to switch off… and soak in this day.

What are your intentions for your Switch off Sunday?

love you like a bear,