Hola gorgeous Goddess,

Hurrah! It’s that beautiful day of the week again… that ritual of making all or part of our Sunday switched off… logging off our ‘puters and doing some of those things we really wanna do… and just adore up our beautiful goddess lives.

Why do I make it a ritual? Because… all of us know it would be better to take time off from being online… but as the days roll by, we forget to do it. By making it a weekly ritual, it becomes part of our gorgeous routine… and becomes integrated into our luscious life.

You can join me by taking off the whole day, the morning, the afternoon or just a couple of hours off from being online.

Welcome back, sacred Sunday!

My plans for my Switch Off Sunday:

This weekend, my love & I are at a CalmBirth workshop. We’ve done it before three months ago, and decided to do it again as a refresher, to get ourselves into soul-space for birth.

We’ve just done the Saturday part of it – and it was just as life-changing as the last time.

And then our beautiful teacher said to me:

Leonie, this is taking you on a journey to where you need to go. And you have two choices you can make, and both of them are leading you to feeling empowered about your birth.

My goodness it was a deep relief to hear that.

So this Switch Off Sunday, I’d like to:

Give myself over again to the CalmBirth experience.

Be utterly kind to myself physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Keep topping myself up with beautiful smoothies & gluten-free nourishment.

Possibilities for your gorgeous Switched Off Sunday!

You are so welcome to join me in switching off, for the day or the afternoon or two hours… and re-discovering the joys of being switched onto life outside the laptop.

Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter, blogs and your inbox will all be there tomorrow waiting for you. But Sundays are for beautiful recharging 🙂

Here’s some ideas for what to do to make today your own Switch off Sunday:

Spend some time zen-clearing your gorgeous home & life.

Go for a walk somewhere gorgeous in nature… is there a sacred mountain you can go to? A special tree?

Is there a labyrinth near you that you can visit and walk?

Got a book to write? A picture to paint? Now is the time, darlingheart!

Just remember: You probably aren’t going to find what you are looking for by pressing refresh on your Facebook page to see if anyone has written anything new lately. {I know only coz I have already looked ;)}. Today is the day you can give yourself what you need. I have faith in you!

Need some accountability?

  • Take a pen & paper out and write down how long you will switch off for, and what your glorious possibilities are.
  • Write it out in the Comments Circle & check back in later.
  • Blog about your Switch Off Sunday using the button above.

This is your loving and sacred butt-kicking:
Log off, and give yourself what you need.

love you big time,