Hola gorgeous Goddess,

Hurrah! It’s that beautiful day of the week again… that ritual of making all or part of our Sunday switched off… logging off our ‘puters and doing some of those things we really wanna do… and just adore up our beautiful goddess lives.

Why do I make it a ritual? Because… all of us know it would be better to take time off from being online… but as the days roll by, we forget to do it. By making it a weekly ritual, it becomes part of our gorgeous routine… and becomes integrated into our luscious life.

You can join me by taking off the whole day, the morning, the afternoon or just a couple of hours off from being online.

Welcome back, sacred Sunday!

My plans for my Switch Off Sunday:

It’s my last week of work this week. Five more days of being a cubicle hottie, before I retire to become a home divaliscious.

And with only seven weeks or so before Little Mermaid arrives, I’m finding my energy which used to be pretty buffalo-ian and expandable and relatively ginormous… well… it’s becoming a little more contracted. Like going-to-sleep-at-8pm kind of contracted.

I need to be much, much more mindful about how I spend my energy, and make sure I spend time filling it back up this weekend.

So here’s my list of lovely Switch Off possibilities…

Baths & yoga. Baths = lavendar + salt with candles. Yoga = my first group pre-natal yoga class! I have first class nerves… but I will go… I can doooo eeeeeeet.

Keep soaking up Jennifer Louden’s lovely bible The Pregnant Woman’s Comfort Book.

Get some more scrummy baby-belly lotion. Something that smells divine and is all creamy-goodness. Apply liberally and lusciously, just like love.

Have as much of this kind of time as I need.

Brunch with my favourite Sone Bear {aka Goddess Sone}. My dearheart is moving in a couple of weeks. I’m going to miss her bundles and oodles and poodles too! I do feel a whole bundle load better knowing that this is just the beginning of something beautiful for Sone & her love… AND that she’s decided to move to a small North Queensland town that isn’t too far from the small North Queensland town that is my homelands, that we own a cottage in, are setting up Crystalbrook Retreat at & will move back to! Soooo… more goddess adventures await us… as we do a goddess invasion of North Queensland. Hurrrrrrah!

In the meantime… it’s just soaking up as much time and goodness with my Taurean dearheart as possible.

Do some writing if I like. Get all the lovely Goddess blog posts written for the week. Finish up some of the little things on my list so I can start my week feeling clear. And use my energy mindfully – there’s only so much to use!

Possibilities for your gorgeous Switched Off Sunday!

You are so welcome to join me in switching off, for the day or the afternoon or two hours… and re-discovering the joys of being switched onto life outside the laptop.

Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter, blogs and your inbox will all be there tomorrow waiting for you. But Sundays are for beautiful recharging 🙂

Here’s some ideas for what to do to make today your own Switch off Sunday:

What do you need to do to zen your life, and make it feel clearer? Do it, darlingheart!

Have you tried the sport of meditationapping yet? It’s my very favourite thing to train for. Maybe this Sunday could be the day you finally try it out. I wouldn’t keep mentioning it if it wasn’t HOLY DELICIOUS.

Do something that makes you need Creative Courage.

Use this permission slip whenever you need…

Have you made a mermaid frame? Pimped a pinboard? Made something fun and divine lately?

What do you need to give yourself? Take a pen & paper out – or write in the Comments Circle. What do you need, and how can you give it to yourself?

Just remember: You probably aren’t going to find what you are looking for by pressing refresh on your Facebook page to see if anyone has written anything new lately. {I know only coz I have already looked ;)}. Today is the day you can give yourself what you need. I have faith in you!

Need some accountability?

  • Take a pen & paper out and write down how long you will switch off for, and what your glorious possibilities are.
  • Write it out in the Comments Circle & check back in later.
  • Blog about your Switch Off Sunday using the button above.

This is your loving and sacred butt-kicking:
Log off, and give yourself what you need.

love you big time,