Gorgeous ones!

Sharing with you the last two products in our 2017 goal planner collection… the diary-planner and daily to do list pad!

These were new products last year but have proven to be wildly successful!

First up is the 2017 Diary-Planner… this one got even more features added this year… including two pages of STICKERS, laminated tabs for months + an elastic band to keep it all together!

Click play to see inside:

Who is it for:

Anyone who wants to have their best year yet!

  • Women of all ages
  • Mamas
  • Business women
  • Teenagers & Students!

What it will guide you gently to create:

  • Weekly goals planner
  • Weekly to do lists for personal + work/study
  • Keeps you on track with your goals every day!
  • Set monthly and weekly income goals
  • Write your weekly gratitude
  • Blank ruled and grid note pages
  • 2 pages of stickers!
  • Yearly + monthly calendar overview
  • Monthly goal setting exercises
  • Inspirational quotes throughout
  • Documents pockets!

Order yours today! And grab one for friends and family… these make gorgeous Christmas presents!

To Do List Pad

To Do List Mockup


How it will help you in 2017:

  • Keeps you on track with your goals every day!
  • Create priorities for all your tasks + tick them off
  • Helps you develop radiant, healthy, positive daily habits!
  • Radiantly full colour
  • Reminders to learn, connect, exercise + eat your greens!
  • Write your three most important tasks for the day!
  • Tips to keep you on track + motivated
  • Drink 8 glasses of water reminder

This one has the least amount of stock left and will sell out soon… so make sure you order yours now!

I can’t wait to see what you create in 2017 with these proven, powerful and popular products!

Big love,

P.S. Time is running out… don’t miss out on being one of the lucky souls to use these babies to birth their big dreams into the world in 2017!

Order yours today! (And don’t forget – they make the BEST Christmas presents!)

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