Yesterday I shared with you a peek inside + a deep dive into how the Shining Life goals workbook was created.

That was my first creation back in 2009, and was my only book for a couple of years.

And then a ridiculously awesome woman I was coaching at the time – and still one of my favourite friends! – Hibiscus Moon – put the hard word on me.

We were talking and she kept pushing me:

C’mon Leonie… when’s the Business workbook coming out? I know you’ve got it in you! Let me see how you do your planning! I flipping LOVE the Life workbook… but I NEED the Business one!

If you know Steph, you’ll know she’s this totally determined, vivacious soul who can make anything happen.

And she was right – I already had my own questions/template I was using in my own business to do yearly reviews… so I dutifully created a full Biz goals workbook and let it loose into the world.

That was in 2013 I think… and they’ve gone on to be hugely successful… our second most popular book behind the Life goals one!

All up over a quarter of a million women worldwide (!!!!!!!!!) use the workbooks to create and build their best life and business yet…. way more than most people on the New York Times bestseller list (I don’t appear on it because I don’t sell in bookstores! Ha!)

For me, creating and using the Biz workbook has been absolutely essential for growing a wildly successful company of two multi-million dollar brands… with profit margins that give my accountant a massive #businessboner. I take my practice of filling out and using my Biz workbook super seriously each year… it’s a joy and it’s work and it’s the place where big dreams get born. It’s one of my sacred traditions… I would not have the direction or clear-sighted vision or ability to manifest and create big dreams come true without them!

It’s not just me either… here’s some of the sharings of other women who have used the workbooks to grow their businesses…

SJ_Testimonial_Facebook  Shay_Testimonial_Facebook NathalieLussier_Instagram LesleyLevyTestimonial Facebook KL_Testimonial_Instagram KatieCowan_Testimonial_Instagram JaquelinLovein-JenaSkaiFacebook HM_Testimonial_Instagram (1) ShaydeSilva_Testimonial_InstagramHayleyCottonTestimonial Facebook Facebook_Instagram ElsewineRietveld_Instagram DonnaBuffone_Instagram DM_Testimonial_Instagram CD_Testimonial_Instagram ArwenLynch_Testimonial_Facebook

Who is it for?

  • Business owners (whether just starting out or a multi-million dollar empire!)

What it will guide you gently to create:

  • Strategic business planning for the year
  • Money + profit goals
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Mapping out new income streams
  • Mentoring + masterminding goals
  • Reviewing your biz successes
  • Marketing goals
  • Philanthropy goals
  • Staff + contractor goals
  • Social media goals
  • Fixing biz challenges
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Having work/life balance
  • Your Business Mission Statement
  • Customer Love Day worksheet
  • Customer service goals

Watch the video to see inside!!!!

With every Biz goals workbook ordered you get a bonus wall planner!


Get a FREE 2017 wall planner when you order your 2017 Biz goals workbook today!

  • Huge A1 sized planner
  • Monthly income goals
  • How you want to feel each month
  • Weekends are highlighted
  • Lay out your major goals, deadlines + holidays for the year
  • Monthly priorities
  • FREE with every workbook purchase!

Order yours today!

If you haven’t already…

Order your workbooks today.

There’s a reason they’ve been used by over a quarter of a million women worldwide… it’s because these workbooks WORK and they GET RESULTS.

If you’re ready to have 2017 be your best year yet in business… order now!

I can’t wait to see what Shining Biz you create and build and grow for yourself in 2017 from using these workbooks.

May all our biggest dreams come true,

Big love,


Love Leonie With Workbooks

P.S. And YES! You can order them as Christmas gifts… they really do make the very best gift of all! Order today!

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