my hunky love chris, me, becky’s hunky love graeme & my sister bek
{we giggle at how similar our hunky loves are!}

Thank you all so much for your loving words, prayers and lit candles for my brother-in-lawish Graeme. He is doing so so well and is a healing miracle all in himself! It was such a blessing to witness just how much love and intention CAN heal and do such good things in this world.

I am feeling very very blessed that I do have such an amazing family and have been given the gift of loving them, and being loved by them. Everything has become crystal clear again: what matters, what doesn’t. The gift of family, breath and love is all that is important right now.

Time for a little bit of cave time to rest, recuperate, re-energise and reconnect with myself and my loved ones…

Thank you again for your gifts of love, prayer and kindness… they are balms to the heart.

Thank you deeply for being here ~~~
with love & light,