Hola my darlinghearts,

There’s SIX years of magic and archives and love and spirit on Goddess Guidebook, this dream of mine come true.

It feels like a day to celebrate… with my top ten Goddess Guidebook posts.


My Things To Do This Life List.

Five years ago, I started writing a list. Of all the things I wanted to do with my life.

And then they started coming true.


The Wild Donkey Secret to Getting Stuff Done.

Don’t read it unless you have a cowgirl hat & a heart full o dreams.


The Secret of the Elders.

What you need to learn from 3 glorious goddesses who have 283 years of reckless, joyful, heart-soaked living under their belt.


How to Meditate – for Lazy People

If you’re not meditating – it’s not because you’re lazy.

It’s because you haven’t found the way to make it fun yet.

Read this guide, mmmkay? And then make meditation really doable & gentle & lovely & luscious for you.

Do meditation YOU-style.

*high five*


How Art Healed My Mama Soul.

Because this particular constellation of cells & life & mermaid hair?

She needs art. And quiet. And writing.

So she can be whole.


Free poster: Zen Habits

Downloaded a bazillion & one times.

Because it’s rainbow & zen & awesome.

12 habits to make your day better. All in a handy dandy yummy poster.


The Buddha of Imperfection

The story of my incredible older brother. He had disabilities & he lived le crap outta his life. (That’s how the French say it, ya know?)


Ostara’s Birth Story

Giving birth to my daughter was epic-magical-intense-medicine-soaked.


The Worst Thing in the World Could Be The Best Thing

Impossible, but true. I cry every time I read this one again.


My Love Letter To You

What you might need to hear right now.

Time for a group hug, me thinks!!!

love + art + miracles + wonders,