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send love notes to your friends with penguins
~ from my groovy bus friend

this morning i was talking to my darling about changing our lifestyle ~
less tv and movies, more activity, art, deep conversation, walking and reading.

at lunch, i take him to the physiotherapist ~ he had muscle spasms in the back on the weekend and has been out of action for a few days, coked out on valium {which by the way, is nowhere near as amusing as i thought it would be}.
after digging knuckledeep into his back, she decreed:
less television.
more gentle moving.

and it makes me laugh ~ that we thought it was a choice,
and his body has now made the decision for us.

so we are learning this.
this art of gently moving.
changing our house, life and routine.
our bodies are our temple, and we are just moving in.