This celebration season I wanted to create a new special little tradition of my own.
Something a little bit magical. A little bit silly. A little bit raucous.

I wanted to honour Smiling.
More specifically, I wanted to Honour The Art of The Cheese.

So this year at the celebratory occasions I’ve attended lately, I’ve took along my trusty wee point and shoot. And I began the art of the tacky arm outstretched, flash glowing head moosh. Only quality will do for these Awards I tell you!

The Awards will be voted for by the most important people in the world: You!

I’ll collate the scores, and award the winner a slab of Cheese of their choice.

Please note you can not vote for me. Obviously I have had a lot of time to practise the Art of The Cheese, and I wish to pass this baton onto all those Cheese Wannabes out there.

I would also encourage this to become a world wide movement – hold Cheese Awards wherever you go! (I made some new friends and smiled some new smiles!)

Let the award nominations begin…

Dream Big. You can Cheese.

And Vote! A Camembert is up for grabs!

To vote, simply leave a comment in the Comments section of this post. If you don’t have a blogger profile, simply leave an Anonymous comment.