I’m trying to find the balance between studio time and internet time.
I often find my energy getting swept away in what everyone else is doing, and what everyone else is thinking, with very little of my own intentions being manifested, and my own creations being drunk in, revelled in, birthed.

Ahh, balance, that dastardly thing, that thing I have tosselled with most of my life.
I’m a Scorpio, and those scales of balance land squarely with those Librans before us, not us intense little beans. We’re those all or nothing types, either climbing mountains on a major fitness spree or comatose on the couch.

I want my own balance, I want to live by my own clock and knowing.

And dammit, I want my art back. I want my Leonie back. I want that girl back who was happiest with her journal and her own thoughts. I want my sense of peace back, listening to the wind, drinking in her lover, playing with her dog, making magic with her pen.

So here is to my studio,
to my sacred time,
to my inside time.

There is a whole world in here waiting to be discovered.


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