How do you see your friends?
Literally… as in an image?
If you could choose just one, what would it be…

Via the delicious iKat, I’m a’playing the Image Game.
She chose this picture as how she sees me, and I love seeing her vision of me…

Here’s how to play
1. Choose a search engine (I use Google Images) and click on “Images”
2. Choose a 5 random blogfriends (or not random, your choice)
3. Think of a word that you feel best describes your blogfriend
4. Do an IMAGE SEARCH on that word
5. Pick the image that best fits your pal & post it.

here’s mine ~

Deni :: tender bean

Gail :: seeer

Lisa Marie :: jane austen

Sonya :: breaking open

Tine :: symbols

and iKat… how do I see you? like this: burst.