At the moment I am working my way through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
One of the exercises is to write a list of your Imaginary Lives ~ I did the above journal page as my answer. One of the lives on my list is “Cowgirl” ~ I grew up as a cowgirl on my parent’s cattle farm, and have been riding horses since I was 2… but now, living three states away from the farm and in suburbia, the life of a cowgirl seems much further away.

Next on the Artists Way list ~ you had to do one small thing this week to move towards one of your Imaginary Lives.

I didn’t really have any idea of what I would do. I had vague thoughts of going for a sunset bikeride or paint a painting for one of my other imaginary lives.

We were out having lunch today with my love’s family, and I wandered into a hat store. And there on the first shelf was the most perfect cowgirl hat. Turquoise of course.

And what’s the first thing a cowgirl needs?

Her hat.

I feel quite strangely liberated,
giggling as I write this in my cowgirl’s hat for a turquoise goddess.

You smell so good,