miracle maker davird

no, dear readers, i do not live in a land of magenta leaves ~
but they are a luminous gold
and it IS magical.

autumn and spring are so reverential for me ~
that i simply must colour them how i see them.
{psychedelicspring can be seen here}

i thank you deeply for seeing and feeling just what i do when i see pictures of women and men sharing their souls with the world.
there is something so precious about this ~ about all of this.

at the fuel station today, a woman drove in front of our car, and i was stilled for a moment as i thought: i see the goddess in her. it was so apparent, yet i’m not sure if she knew.
that’s what i want to share with the world… that knowing.

a friend of mine once told me that my paintings were like looking at the world through leonie-tinted glasses.
i hope through all of my art ~ my photography, creations and writing ~ i can share this vision with the world.

today my heart is full,
with the knowing of my work and my passion,
and with the precious cool of hands holding hands as we heal
of women circling with women
of men circling with men
of women creating dear friendships with men.

yesterday we delighted in the way the bark glimmered in the light.
and we photographed tears.
we created new space in this world.
and with hearts singing, we dared to be all of us.

tomorrow ~ i’m not sure what of tomorrow
nor can i be concerned of it.
if this is what yesterday and today hold ~
then mama gaia is dancing
and i am enraptured by her.