Hola darlinghearts,

I’ve been getting a bazillion orders of the five packs of ze 2011 Creating your Goddess Workbook, Planner & Calendar this week… I’m guessing a lot of goddesses are gifting them onto their clients, mamas, sisters & soul sisters for solstice/Christmas/New Year’s/just because you’re fabulous!!!

It’s way lovely & inspiring.

Oh! And funny story!

How did I meet the beautiful goddesses in the STUNNING photo above?

Helena on ze left is the most gentle, grounded Leo I know.

I met her on my first day of boarding school when I was 16. She was my dorm head girl, and as soon as I saw her kind face, I knew everything was going to be okay. And it was.

Sone I met on ze internet. It’s the classic millenia love story, really. We hung out on the SARK message board, then I invited her to be a goddess of honour at my inner marriage ceremony. She drove three hours to be there. The moment I saw her, I knew we had been dear friends before and that we would be dear friends again. And we were.

And Kayles I met through the very first women’s circle I led! Both my mentors weren’t able to lead circles anymore, and I adored women’s circles so much I thought… You know what? If I want a women’s circle, I’ll have to lead one myself. So I did!

Magical connections through and through!

(Matchy pouty faces are just a bonus. I like to call this look the “Myspace pout”.)


So I just thought I’d remind you that the five packs are available incase you’re feeling inspired… I’ve made them uber cheap as well so they can spread as far over the world as their sweet little wings can take them! You can send a mega love letter to five of your dearest goddess sisters for only $34.95.
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GROUP HUGS!!! my beautiful friends on the interwebz!

And happy Christmas Eve’s Eve!

All my love!!!