Hola gorgeous Goddess!

We are looking back and celebrating the greatest hits & goodness of 2010 here at Goddess Guidebook…

Here’s Part Two of our thrilling installment!!!

Starting back in February…

Walking the wise woman way

It’s the story of a eight-month pregnant woman who was so lost and anxious. Who found herself on top of a mountain & heard the wisdom of her elders. Who told her all she needed to know. That story? It is mine, and is yours too.

Reading it again was immensely healing for me. Since it was written through me, I am a different woman – but the same.  standing ten months into the future, beyond the precipice of birth & mama initiation, well onto the journey of motherhood. And oh, how I needed to hear those words again.

Do you know why I love being a goddess so very much?

Because I learn what it is I need to know. I teach myself. I get to learn just by listening to what comes in the wind. The voice of my higher self, the soul of Great Spirit.

Women tell you their birth stories filled with pain because they have a wound. They did not know the path of the wise woman way when they birthed. They did not know. We need women to be able to know the wise woman way if they want it. You can help in bringing this to those who need it.

But for now, plait your hair and lace feathers through it, like you always have done. Stand on the top of the mountain, staff in hand, and see how the mountains glow.

Remember again this world is filled with light, with spirit, with wisdom, with joy… that birthing and mamahood is a part of this.

We are not asking you to be different from who you are… we are asking you to remember who are you are, deep down in your cells – the woman of power, presence, knowing and radiance.

Bring this into your journey now. You belong here.

You can read the long story of the mountains here.

My job

And I learned a whole lot more about what my job was:

And maybe that is the whole mystery behind this:

That while I have slept, I have been held by angels.

Even when I didn’t believe. Even when I hurt. Even when I couldn’t see it.

The love, medicine and guidance was all around me.

And as we drive along the mountains, I hear the words:

Your job is not to get cranky or negative… your job is to get enlightened.

That is what you are here for. Anyone can react. Anyone can meet the negative with the negative.

But you? You can do more. You can be the light. You can let the love in.

You can read more here.

Having Creative Courage

A video.

My first public singing performance in ten years.

A buttload of courage, and a breathy rendition of

From Little Things, Big Things Grow.

Watch it here.

The Goddess Green Smoothie!

This post turned a LOT of goddesses into green smoothie shakalakawoo converts.

My recipe for a delicious, sweet, scrumptious green smoothie… packed full of goodness.

Copy down and try the recipe from here.

Celebration of 8 months pregnant!

Oh my darling. Reading back over the sharings of my eight-month-pregnant-self makes me want to travel back through the waves of time to hug my sweet, pregnant self.

At eight months pregnant, I was turning Mermaid daughter’s head-down from being breech. I was deeply questioning my choice in birth carer & deciding whether I needed a home birth. And then Chris’ grandmother made her rainbow journey just a month before our little mermaid was born. We travelled to his birth land for her ceremony.

It was an incredibly intense time…

but I am so grateful to read those sharings over and over again.

I sense in them so much of my anxiety and wondering, but also this sense of peace. Of gentleness. Of knowing.

That no matter what, everything would end up okay.

(and it did).

In the early morning light, before the ceremony, your daddy takes me down to his birth~river. We stand in Mama Murray’s waters, bathing our feet and hands, washing my belly, so that you would know this was the water of your father’s land. And the river shone blue and gold at dawn, and there were fish and cockatoos and crows and ibises. And there was you, me and your daddy. And a holy river that brings life.

And then at the burial grounds, standing there with my full moon belly filled with you, watching as one generation returns back into the earth, just as you ready yourself to enter. An old priest performs the ceremony, and in his words, I find the truth of not just one religion, but the truth of Spirit. The sun glows over all of us, and he pours water and earth over the tree that holds your great-grandmother.

Over and over, I think of his words:

The Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not want for anything.

Great Spirit is my guide, and I have all that I need.

Read my full eight months pregnant goddess story here.

What a big year we’ve had here in Goddess land…

It’s only the end of February & there’s already been so many blessings, love & wisdom…

Thank you Great Spirit. For everything.

It feels like a group hug moment.

Big love,