Learnt something really interesting last night.

About money.

The energy of giving and receiving.

One of the gorgeous goddesses in the women’s group had to pass on money last night.

And she folded it around a long incense which smelled of a fragrant ocean,

and tied it with purple ribbon.

The money was not hidden, nor passed on with downturned eyes.

It was passed on with recognition of what that money meant:

appreciation, recognition of a service, an exchange of energy.

And it was received with open eyes, an open heart, and grace.

So often we treat money as a dirty subject, a dirty item.

when we hand it over, or receive, we tend to look away,

not into the other person’s eyes.

I realised last night that it didn’t have to be that way.

We should celebrate the exchange of money with gratitude and joy ~

it is an exchange of energies.

Try it today. When you give money, mean it, with thanks for what you are receiving back.

And if you receive money, receive it with grace, and gratitude.