Feeling really emotional lately.
And tired. Let’s not forget tired.
Tired like, if I closed my eyes I’d fall asleep.
And emotional. Let’s not forget emotional.

Emotional like, songs on the radio make me well up. As do Christmas carols in the bookstore. Anything remotely sad. Like if someone said my name, I might just burst into tears. For no real reason but I’m emotional.

So today at lunch, I took my tired, emotional self out for a walk.
We went and got a Boost juice ~ strawberry, pineapple, orange ~ called the Waterfall Juice.
And we drank it and it felt damn good.

And we rode escalators, and I could feel myself just wanting to keep on riding those elevators for a while. The wonder of the concept of standing still, but still being moved soothed me.
And we looked at pretty things and books

Things to calm me. Block out the world. Cushion the thumping in my head.
And we kept drinking our juice until we could face the day again.

I am in my moon phase at the moment, intermittently wallowing and rejoicing in it.

It has been raining and storming all day

and as I stood in the pouring rain waiting for the bus this afternoon,

the weather reflected me

the rain within my belly rained with the outside world

it was one of those poetic moments in life.

just me, at the bus stop, rain inside and out.

And that’s okay.