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I really, really, really dig the people that I have around me. I love how splendid they are, and how splendid I feel when I am with them.

I had a hot lunchdate with Mel today. We ate delicious thai and I told her I was still on the search for a signature scent (it’s on my list of Things to Do this Life list). She asked me what I liked ~ fruity, light, sweet etc. All I could do was stare blankly at her then say: I don’t know. I see smells in colours. I’m looking for a powder blue one, and I don’t like pink or yellow.

The thing I love about Mel is that she giggled, grabbed me by the hand, took me to the nearest perfumery and said: now tell me what colour this is. Bottle after bottle we sprayed. I would say: oh! that’s high yellow! blerk or mmmm that’s kind of greenish. After a while, she GOT IT. She got the colour/scent thing! I deeply love that she knew I spoke a different {visual} language and wanted to learn it.

We went from counter to counter in fits of giggles, hands filled with those paper tab thangs. When a perfume lady tried to help us by asking what I liked, all I could giggle out is “ooooh, I just want to smell CLEAN like fabric softener.”

Now we are coloursmell afficiondos! It was one of the silliest adventures I have had in a long time. I now stink like a perfumery and am smiling like a smiley smelly person. 🙂

Incase you were wondering, the shortlist was reduced to ~
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue {funnily enough}
Some French thing. Let’s call it Err Derr Blerr. It’s still on my elbow and is waay too floral {orange}.

Davidoff’s Cool Water for Women

Today I am deeply grateful to scented adventures and spectacular friends…