you know when you have the big dreams in your heart?
the ones since childhood that you don’t really talk about.
it’s sacred to you ~ as sweet to your mind as tea to your lips.
you don’t share it too much. you just wait it out, see what happens… but inside you know this dream is a someday not a maybe?

i had a dream that i didn’t even put on my things to do this life list.
i thought it was off in the future somewhere, not right here in the present.

last week i serendipitously fell upon the webpage of a gallery i had been to before. I even wrote about finding the gallery {also serendipitously} a year ago. it is a gorgeous little blue roofed gallery in a small community a ten minutes drive from here.
i noticed last week they were looking for artists to exhibit. so i thought… wells? why not?
so i emailed them. i went out and sat in the sun drinking peppermint tea with the gallery owner today.

in a couple of months i will be having my very own exhibition there for six weeks.

hello sacred, secret, special dream of mine.
so nice to be with you at last.