Trees today.

We are all unfolding


We are all in the process

of becoming

Unlooping our knots

shedding outer skins

trusting the world that we can show our inner world

We drive long into the forest, and it is regenerating from a firestorm of two years ago.

Black gums, young green undergrowth.

And we push, we move against old cycles, old trends,

We open hearts and reveal wounds that no longer need to be there

We find new spaces in our self

We find new homes that we cannot own ~ wilderness in our selves, and precious wilderness in the outer world that we can only visit, and breathe in its earthly depths

We are cherished by old love,

and cherished by new love.

Those that loved me from the very first breath and before ~ my elders, my parents.

And those that love me now, in this incantation, as I breathe as a living, conscious adult.

My partner talks with my father. My two men.

And I tap the words out. Sometimes they flow like a river, other times they halt and begin like a trickling creek.

Butterfly on the path. Today.

All I know is that we are only here for a small while.

And that things are so incredibly fragile.

The human heart, and the human condition.

It is is all an unfolding, a gentle swaying reveal.