Hola sweethearts,

First… the long awaited ultrasound photo to share!

This is a true-to-life representation… hee hee hee!

I would show you the real one, but we didn’t actually get a decent one – most of ours are blurred because little mermaid spent most of her time getting the ultrasound pixie to chase her around… hee hee hee… she is definitely a movement-loving goddess!

Our little mermaid is the expert of swimming down to hide in my coral-hips away from ultrasounds and doing mermie-somersault dances all afternoon.

At the moment she is due either as a Piscean or Aries… I’m wondering which one she will manifest as! Ocean or Fire Goddess!

It’s feeling like the perfect time to celebrate & connect with more goddesses – so for the next five four three two all gone, sorry! goddesses who book in a Goddess Guidance session, I’ll be gifting them a Divine Dreaming meditation kit as a prezzy.

If you’re feeling called, just order your own hour of soul coaching + clarity + healing + joy + oracle reading, and I’ll do the rest.


I’m off to a calm birthing class with my love this weekend… fourteen hours of meditation + heart-opening + birth awakening… scrrrrumptious! (Also excited because I just bought some new soft, stretchy skirts to float around in for it… room for me and little mermaid’s blooming playground!)

I’m wishing you love from the top of the mountains & beyond,