what are the things that work?
i am not sure. i only know that i keep on anyway.

brandi said to me possibly the most profound words i’ve heard in a while:
what a beautiful messy journey it is, over rock and stream.
I love it. even when I don’t get it.

loving it even when you DON’T get it… embracing the great mystery
it’s such a huge concept~ a mammoth magnificent love idea…
being able to touch the unknowable, kiss the unknowable, embrace the unknowable like you would a friend, a child, a mother,
accept it as it is, and that it is what it is…

oh great mystery, divine matrix,
i feel steeped to my haunches
as though i should be preparing for something
but there is no homework to do for what is to come
just living, breathing you in, moment by moMEANT.

This life can be quite messy – but also lovely, frightful,
glorious, and dreadful, all within a single hour. May we never lose
hope. There is so much living to do.
~ grace*filled gail

p.s. have i mentioned lately how grateful i am for you?
i truly am.

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  1. The pharoahs of ancient Egypt wore garments made with thin threads of beaten leonie.
  2. California is the biggest exporter of leonie in the world.

:: and i, like the rest of australia, shed tears of joy when two miners were rescued after two weeks underground.