1. We’ve been having rain.

And when I say rain, I mean a good old fashioned flood.

Here’s our backyard last week.

Call me a tropical goddess, but I get happy when water is swishing about my ankles.

2. I flipping LOVE our new life.

Our new house.

Our new relaxed, together kind of life.

I love that my love is a stay at home dad now.

I love that I get more time to write and create and do my beautiful goddess business stuff.

I loved that we are doing it all together.

The pic above?

Kind of an example of how work and life intersect for me now.

A Sunday morning. 9am.
About to head out to the farm.
Finishing up the new meditation before sending out into the world
Mermaid Daughter #1 is cuddling moi.
What is she looking at?
Her Daddy who is going through all his musical instruments to play her songs (currently: Native American flute, Australian Aboriginal Clapsticks, South American thingmabob, Tibetan Singing Bowl)

3. AND! I’ve told my beautiful friend Akiah she needs to blog muchos more and SHE IS!… the world needs her wonderful wisdom, insights + guidance from the guides. (Yus, that’s her above! Photo taken by another amazing goddess we went to school with! Our goddess town has been breeding up goddesses without all the old farmers noticing! Weeeooooo!)

Hippy baby! Hot love! iTouch!


I have always said my iTouch was NEARLY perfect… It was just sorely missing a nifty camera so I could instantly take photos instead of the old remember to take big camera, take photos, download with card reader, sort through, post process, upload, post. That stuff just rarely happens now arms are filled with a mermaid instead of my belly being filled with her.

Anyways I was utterly longing for iTouch camera… So much so I was thinking of getting an iPhone…But then Mr Hottie informed me that the new iTouches were released with cameras!!!!!!

I told him it was a business expense because I needed it to take buttloads of paradise and lil mermaid and goddess life photos so I could share them with my goddess BFFs (ie you!!!!)

And that it was less of a want and more of a neeeeed.

He only argued with me for half an hour before understanding the severity of my business need. Weeeoooooo!

Success, my darlinghearts!!!

SO… iTouch photo MANIA. iTouch fototsunami! Above is evidence. My little hippy baby and my darling love.

What apps are you in love with?

5. Since Goddess Circle opened a deluge of love and light and new, amazing goddess sisters have washed into my life. It’s even better than I thought possible, and I thought it would be pretty ding darn amazing.

I’m just touched by it.

I love that I get to learn so much from other goddesses.

I love that I get to hear their incredibly brave, loving stories.

I love that I get to just MAKE STUFF and give it to them all as soon as it’s done.

I love that I get goddess mail in my mailbox now {as part of our Goddess Penpal Circle}. SUCH a nice change from bills and boring!

I love that I get to witness a thousand miracles, as we all learn, love and grow together.

I love that I get to finally start sharing my Goddess in You oracle card deck. It’s been my percolating creation for a few years now, and it’s time to let others see it.

It’s a beautiful exhale for me.

I just love it. Over and over. Again and again.

SUCH a gift.

6. I’m officially a doula for puppy dogs.

Tis true!


Ya see, our beloved Mr Charlie the Happy Healer Dog got sick.

Turns out, he’d swallowed a round bone piece and he had a bowel obstruction.

And the little darling was pretty ill, and we needed to get the bone out naturally so he didn’t have to have surgery.

So he was put on a drip, and we walked him around and around and around.

And I was totally having birth flashbacks – to being on the induction drip, walking around and around the hospital grounds.

And all the way, I was with him:

Just stay in your breath Charlie. I know this is hard. You can do this. Take your time. Create your safe place. You are a thousand petalled lotus, opening.

We cheered SO loudly when he gave butt-birth to his bone-baby.

The End.

7. I’m thinking of starting one of those fashion blogs. The ones where they post photos of their daily outfits.

But because my daily outfits consist of cut-off yoga pants, faded buddha t-shirts from India & old cotton sundresses with holes in them… I could do Mermaid Daughter #1′s Outfit of Ze Day.

This one was taken on an unseasonably cool and windy day.

Cardigan by Target on super-sale. Cute flower leggings (that I want the adult size of) from Chris’ Aunt. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh shoesies from Chris’ other aunt. Adorable baby made from me & Chris’ love.

All together now:


8. The other weekend, I taught my sweet niece and nephew how to do crystal healings.

They adored it. Darling little crystal children!

Joshy kept saying:

Aunty Loney, I need them over my eyes. They relax me.

It totally made my heart sing.

I want to keep doing this.

Keep remembering to bring magic and healing into my everyday.

9. Ever had one of those times you and someone else turn up wearing the exact same outfit?

Mermaid Daughter has.

One Sunday, we went to the farm for our usual Sunday family shindig.

And her and her great-grandmama were both rocking the pink and white stripey jumper.

That’s just what happens when your great grandmama is a fashionista, even at 94.

Pink striped jumpers have never looked so perfect.

10. Mermaid Daughter #1 is officially half a year old.

Can you quite believe it?

It feels like just a moment ago that I was updating here, letting you know she had arrived.

It felt like such a tribal effort to bring her here.

I was the centrepin in bringing her here. Chris was my doorway.

And you were all gathered around us, in one wide circle, helping make it happen.

Thank you.

I love you.