It’s gotten to that time of the school year where there are two weeks to go and I feel less like my usual fuck yeah flying free eagle:

and more like this bedraggled, henpecked chook:

My adrenals are kind of fucked. I’m forgetting shit and losing my shit, my kids are starting to scrape bottoms of their wells. Each week lately I put at the top of my to do list: Keep my wee family chill and full of love. Sometimes I manage it, sometimes I fail, sometimes it’s not mine to control.

I went to my beloved osteopath this morning for some back pain management. I asked her about anxiety.

She explained it like this:

So I’ve made myself a little reminder poster.

To remind me of how to take care of my featherless chook self.

If you need it for you, feel free to take and use.

Big love,