i see you dancing in your own divinity

the words.
they don’t fill the space here in my heart that i hold for you.
and they don’t need to.

last night i met you.
you, my new tribe of women, the new circle.
meeting you was more like remembering you.

did you hear the howl i howled outloud in my studio for you?
i howled for all the women who were searching for their circle.
i think that howl may have been for me too,
because in your presence
i feel the flight of birds.

in each of you, i see a goddess.
stronger than ever before i see venus, athena, maat,
goddesses i do not know the name of yet,
but in this life they are yours.

as i smudged each of you, in my turquoise skirt, holding my smoking sage, i felt like a goddess sister deborah in the temple; but this time i was a sister in the temple of debra.

i thought of you all day today.
it surprises me ~ and it doesn’t surprise me.

in the hugs, i found the question:
how is it i know you?
but the answer is not simple.
i only know that i do. and that i have before.

i can only explain that we are all droplets of the ocean,
and as i deepen my understanding of this,
i find others who reflect me.
who feel like home.

i am in awe of each of you:
your beauty
your sharing
your big beautiful hearts
your BRAVEry
your opening

i witness the miracles of souls opening
and feel deeply blessed.

blessed be,