Hi panda bears, 

September. 75% of the way through the year. My golly gosh.

I figured now was a really good time to check back in with my 2013 Create your Incredible Year workbook goals and see how they’ve come true, and what still needs to be done. I wanted to share them publicly for two reasons – accountability ROCKS… and I find it very inspiring to hear what other people’s goals are, and how they are being achieved.

If you’re a workbook junkie like me, I’d encourage you to do the same… the more you get intimate with your goals, the more they come true!

It’s like that quote:

Millionaires look at their goals once a day.

Billionaires look at their goals twice a day.

You may or may not have the goal of being a millionaire or billionaire, but being intimately connected with your goals can lead to greater happiness, productivity, creativity + abundance. YOU get to choose what you want to create in the world. When women rise up to become conscious creators of their lives, the world will change (and already is!)

Anywaysies, before I get carried away… a couple of notes to begin!

2014 Workbooks

Yep, we are (of course) doing 2014 Biz + Life workbooks. They are being fully redesigned and they are looking SO VERY scrumptious and stunning! I know you are going to ADORE them. It’ll be our 5th (!!!!!!!!!!!) year of producing them… they have SUCH an amazing track record of making miracles come true for the women who use them… lots of shit made happen + dreams come true!

We’ll release before the end of the year… can’t wait!

A note on my goals

Looking back at this list, I’m really proud of everything that’s already happened.

I’m also really cognizant of the fact that I’ve in effect “lost” 25% of this year with being ill. Ticking off that goal to get pregnant ending up taking much, much more energy than I was expecting! I’ve now been bedridden for 3 months, so a lot of my personal creative goals and my “around the house” goals aren’t there yet. And I am okay with that. I give that up in order to have this baby. It’s just a rechanelling of where my energy needs to go.

Even though hyperemesis gravidarum sucks giant donkey wang and I wish I didn’t have to go through it (or any woman in the world), it really has brought so many unexpected blessings: I’ve done an immense amount of personal healing. My relationship with my husband has gotten even deeper as I’ve needed to lean on him so much for emotional and physical and everything support. His bond with Mermaid Daughter #1 has gotten even stronger because he’s been the primary carer of her while I’ve been bedridden. Mermaid Daughter #1 has grown really close to her grandparents and spends a lot of time every day with them playing (I think they adore it just as much as she does!) I’m now very comfortable with receiving hospital support (instead of being afraid of it) and am quite connected already with my midwives. I’ve tried out a couple of hospitals, and I know the midwife-run ward we’ll be giving birth at is absolutely the best choice for us. Plus, I think all mothers have this dream of being able to lay around in bed all day catching up on sleep (I know I definitely did when Mermaid Daughter #1 was younger and I was so sleep deprived!) Anyways – that’s effectively just happened for me. And even though it hasn’t been a total larkfest because of that whole horrendous unrelenting nausea and vomiting thing, I think I might have clocked back up my sleep balance. Ha!

And miracle upon miracles, my business has continued to thrive and grow to amazing new levels, even when I’ve needed to cut back my hours. It’s testament to how I’ve set up my business: my support team has been amazing, all our clients are being taken care of brilliantly, the systems I’ve worked so so hard to create in my business have worked wonderfully, I’ve been freed up to really just do the important shit. I feel so grateful to Great Spirit that I can continue doing this work as best I can even while ill. It really is the thing that lights up my cells.

So let’s check in hey! How are those goals of mine going?



  • Take the historic train up the mountain (We had such a special time… Mermaid Daughter #1 still talks about it! This is the train – ranked as one of the top 10 scenic train rides in the world!)
  • Visit the Daintree (pending hyperemesis gravidarum clearing up – was hoping to go for my darling husband’s birthday, but now just waiting)
  • Go on flight at coffee plantation (will wait until baby is here + doesn’t need me so much!)
  • Go to Yungaburra (SO CUTE! Want to go back there for a mini break!)
  • Go bowling
  • Go to Yungaburra markets
  • Go to Mareeba markets
  • Go on holiday by myself (ERMAGERD CAN’T BELIEVE IT HAPPENED!!!!!!)
  • Have a beach holiday


  • See dolphins again
  • Have 2 friends visit on holidays (my bestie Sone visited which was WONDERFUL, as was having Chris’ cousin + family visit, and I’m hoping to see my darling Deb before end of year too!)
  • 3 months holidays  (HO HO HO THIS MAKES ME LAUGH. I didn’t think I’d end up doing this… but I got forced into having a Bedrest Holiday for 3 months. Hopefully now I’ve done my time I can go back to normal. Ha! Be careful what you wish for!)
  • Feel connected with dear old friends
  • Have amazing, inspiring entrepreneur soul sisters to uplift me (have an amazing mastermind group that’s been so incredible this year!)
  • Make friends and have fun!
  • Make 3 good new friends
  • For me, Chris and Mermaid Daughter #1 to have a wonderful network of friends and community here
    (Still working on all the above – have made some lovely friends, Mermaid Daughter #1 loves her playgroup friends, would love to be able to connect more + have fun with them once I can get out and about! Squee!)


  • Try out extra playgroup
  • Get pregnant 
  • Name our place
  • Grow a garden
  • Eat own passionfruit (dang scrub turkeys keep getting to them before me!)
  • Grow a pumpkin or watermelon patch (got watermelon seeds to propagate to about two inches… and then my hunky love mowed over them. Ha! Come summer I’ll be coming at the watermelon patch like a spider monkey!)
  • Research Sacred Sabbath
  • Cultivate a morning routine (pending hyperemesis gravidarum clearing up so it doesn’t involve puking)
  • Make a firepit
  • Write 12 letters to Mermaid Daughter #1 (2 written!)
  • Send 52 cards 
  • Have a connected, loving, intimate soulmate and best friend relationship with Chris (status update: I can’t even say how much this year has brought us closer together + even deeper in love!)
  • Make at least 12 fun crafts with Mermaid Daughter #1 (already done, but will keep doing!)
  • Be a happy mom with a great, loving relationship with Mermaid Daughter #1 (and new wee baby soul that’s wanting to come through!) (even though I’ve been so ill, I feel really content, happy and at peace with my relationship with my wee ones. Very grateful!)
  • Go to a concert with Chris (had tickets booked to see one together, but ended up giving them away because I was too ill to go. It’s the thought that counts!)
  • Feng Shui our bedroom (did. Feels more and more like a sanctuary every day. Which is a good thing, because I spend a loooot of time in there at the moment! Ha!)
  • Eat own bananas (did. AMAZING TASTE!)
  • Read books to Mermaid Daughter #1 every day
  • Buy Mermaid Daughter #1 real scissors
  • Make at least 12 things with Mermaid Daughter #1 (have done WAY more than this… we had a tops crafting routine happening before I got ill. And now my mother-in-law has taken on the crafting with Mermaid Daughter #1 tasks… they make jewellery together and make lots of art. Grateful!)
  • Organise getting our keyboard sent
  • Have 52 Friday Date Nights
  • December: 2013 Instagram album
  • December: Have a glorious Christmas season
  • December: Make another advent calendar + do it!


  • Make a doll
  • Do a painting workshop
  • Make Angel + Charlie dog toys
  • 52 Artist’s dates (have done about 15 + a solo retreat for four days… not a bad effort really!)
  • Find music I am deeply excited about
  • Make beautiful art that sings to my soul
  • Write a novel (partially complete)
  • Re-release “73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know” (in the works!)
  • November: Do Art Every Day Month
  • Repair hole in wedding shawl
  • Find a magazine I love to read
  • Make my office a sanctuary
  • Love writing again
  • Feel like I’m a divine channel to Spirit again
  • Feel creatively inspired, invigorated and productive
  • Embrace pop music
  • Make a felted journal
  • Find a TV show to obsess over (Doc Martin)
  • Adore creating


  • Get yearly dental (I’ll wait until baby is born now)
  • Take care of my body, nervous system and soul as a first priority (no choice but to do this this year! being this ill has made my health very much my first priority!)
  • Summer: Try aqua aerobics (pending hyperemesis gravidarum clearing up – can you imagine spewing in the pool? SO SEXY.)
  • Weekly yoga or pilates (pending hyperemesis gravidarum clearing up)
  • Get osteopathy for my jaw
  • Get 12 massages
  • Get skin check-up


  • Feel centred and aligned with my soul in every area of my life (feeling really good about this)
  • Keep learning from deep, sage, wise and spiritual teachers (Byron Katie, Doreen Virtue and Hiro Boga continue to be wonderful teachers for me)
  • Be spiritually inspired and invigorated
  • Have a spiritual experience (circle, retreat etc) (have had some lovely times – especially a Red Tent movie night I went to that gave me major spirit goosebumps!)
  • Find my women’s circle (found a couple to go to – now pending hyperemesis gravidarum clearing up)
  • Keep doing fortnightly healing mentoring
  • Deepen my spiritual journey
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get a year reading


  • Institute monthly financial reporting (I’m doing it already, but want more structure around it)
  • Half yearly financial review
  • Put $x into savings (just managed to accomplish that this week and I’m SO PROUD of doing it… my goal is to be mortgage free in the next year!)
  • See a financial advisor (ended up finding a new accounting and finance advisor firm that can help take our business to the next level. WOOP WOOP!)
  • Continue learning about money, finances + investment (for some reason I had this belief about myself that I couldn’t understand finance investment stuff… that it was beyond me. And it’s really not – it’s not beyond anyone. It’s just been about education, like anything else! I’ll be learning this stuff for the rest of my life!)


  • Get iPhone screen fixed (decided it’s not a priority anymore)
  • Get air-conditioning in office (will see how summer ends up being this year – may not need)
  • Rainbow chandelier
  • Outdoor lounge for back verandah (the one I want keeps selling out… all in good timing!)
  • New washer/dryer (don’t need to yet – our old machines are lasting! Woop!)
  • Get screen doors installed
  • Get air-conditioning in hall


  • Double business in size to 7 figures a year (Estimating we’ll get to at least 75% of that – not bad considering I’ve been in and out of hospital for three months!)
  • Release Amazing Biz and Life Academy
  • Rebrand website (delighted with it! It’s made such a difference!)
  • Have a planning retreat
  • New Academy membership site (decided to do a redesign instead of a full code… worked out awesome)
  • Create new programs for Academy
  • Create intensive Six Figure Business program for Academy (in the works)
  • Make a massive difference in the lives and businesses of 30 000 clients this year (in the works)
  • Continue to spend 25% of time in education (have read a shiz tonne of business books and biographies this year… every year I learn so much more!)
  • Continue to make a massive impact through philanthropy through money + service donations (beyond proud of everything we’ve done this year. Completely fills my heart with joy!)


What a list!

I feel so massively inspired after going through all that… so much so I couldn’t sleep for hours after going to bed last night!

I really want to invite you to check back in with your own workbook goals (and if you haven’t done them yet – it’s totally not too late at all. It’s only too late if you don’t do them at all! We get lovelies investing in the workbook every single week!)

And if you decide to do a blog post/Instagram photo/Twitter about what goals of yours are coming true… make sure you let me know about it on FBTwitter or Instagram and I’ll repost them so everyone else can get inspired too!

Whatever happens, do NOT write off the rest of the year, and say that if your goals haven’t happened yet they’ll never happen. Remember last year when I wrote off a goal as not going to happen… only for it to happen as a Christmas miracle?

You still have 25% of the year left… make the most out of it! SO much can happen in that time!!!!!

Let’s go make our miracles happen dearest!!!

So much love always,