To the Lady in the Row Behind Me

You. Yes, you. In Denver. At Rob Bell’s Everything is Spiritual just the other night.

You came late, you left early and very hurriedly.

I didn’t get a chance to tell you this in person, and I somehow doubt you’ll read this, but there’s something you need to know.

Your. Laugh. Is. Magic.

Yep, that’s it.

Throughout the show, it was a constant one-two punch – Rob’s lines, your laugh. I was surrounded by beauty.

I love laughter. Deep, rich, soul laughter.

You’re like the opposite of the man I sat next to on a recent flight to Phoenix. He proved that I have misophonia. A big word that means mouth noises really get my goat. And he was a special case. Chip by blue chip he worked through a family-size bag of organic goodness. Bite by bite, my sanity slipped away from me.

I thought about stories I read about passengers having to be subdued. I wondered if this was why. I almost asked – have you been involved in any incidents where your behavior was the stimulus for violent action? But I didn’t think I could stop there, so I didn’t start.

But you, Laughing Lady of Denver. You are different.

No brain cells were disturbed in the consumption of your laughter. It was pure pleasure. A laugh track at its best. Genuine human enjoyment. Laughter like that can only come from a beautiful soul. One that has been broken and reborn. Pressed down, and expanded upwards to absorb that  sorrow and give beauty back.

I wanted to speak with you. Tell you how much your laughter meant. Tell you that laughter is a shortcut into a person’s heart.

But you are a hit-and-run laugher. I see. You just break us all open and then you flee.

You should stay sometime and enjoy the spoils you’ve won. Laughter is a super-power!

You might be surprised to know the value of what you do.

But, since you didn’t stick around, I’ll just say ‘thank-you’ here.

Thank you. For reminding me and releasing me. For being a channel for the Healing.

Lady in seat M-13, you are the Best. Laugher. Ever.

(Rob’s #1 fanboy)



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