Hola gorgeous souls!

I heart heart heart some good music… music that is beautiful to the ears, and beautiful to the spirit too.

Here’s my top ten list…

1. Grace and Gratitude – Olivia Newton John

I used to make fun of ONJ songs. It’s true – who hasn’t done ridunkulous renditions of Grease songs & Xanadu? And then I was hanging out at my favourite bookstore, and they had this beautiful music playing… Music that was light and translucent and soulful… and I had a High Fidelity moment with Chris – but instead of saying “Is that Peter f**** Frampton?” I was saying “Is that Olivia Newton f**** John?”

And it was. And I had to get over my ONJ shame. And I bought it.

And for the last two years, I have played that CD more than any CD I have ever owned.

That’s right… I listen to ONJ! A LOT!

So this CD really had to be something special to convert me… and it did. My mama plays this one constantly too.

If you ever need a reminder to cheer up, heal and feel love again, Grace & Gratitude is it.

2. Gathering – Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke is a staple in so many women’s circles I’ve been a part of.

Her Native American chants and songs are earthy and grounded… like song-prayers.

I often find myself singing one of her songs as a prayer or reminder to open for healing.

And hilariously enough – one of my dear friend’s husbands has started singing Brooke songs because he’s heard them so many times in the car.

Oooooh shoooo waaaaaaaaaa!

3. Embrace – Deva Premal

Deva is a whole lot of light, and a whole lot of loveliness.

Music to go within with. Chants to feel all holy again.

Songs from the sacred soul.

4. Facing Future – IZ

To hear IZ for the first time is to hear enchantment.

There is no other way to explain it… but to feel the presence of a very beautiful heart, singing soft Hawaiian dreams.

5. Acoustic Soul – India Arie

Dear India,

I love you.

Thank you for sharing your bravery, love, soul, essence and courage with the world.

Thank you for saying things are beautiful, because they are.

Thank you for having the courage to find your own beauty, and reclaiming like every woman needs to.

Thank you for always reminding me that everything is lovely, possible and true.



6. Awake is the New Sleep – Ben Lee

I wasn’t a ginormous Ben Lee fan before this album. And I’ve tried to be a Ben-fan with his albums since, and they haven’t really sung to me. But it’s kinda like the ONJ thing – it’s this ONE album that is completely and utterly sublime for me.

That’s okay. This album is enough. It’s sacred and joyful all at once… like reading the journal of a young man’s enlightenment.

7. Abonecronedrone – Sheila Chandra

There are two kinds of people in this world… people who have heard Sheila Chandra, and those who haven’t.

I can’t explain her – except to say she is unlike anything I’ve heard before. The first time I hear her, I got chills down my back, and had to know who she was and how to get her CD.


8. Between Two Worlds – Daniel Paul

Chris found this one at a bargain box sale, and oh-my-goddess it is spectacular. Whereas I managed to pick some truly spectacularly awful CDs at that sale, he came home with some gems… and this is my favouritest of them.

I’m not much into my ambient music being all electronica… I prefer… you know… actual instruments in them. And this is the perfect example of that.

Just gorgeous to listen to any time of the day.

P.S. Chris is hot. Sorry, I can’t help it. It’s like I’m physically unable to mention his name without adding that somewhere. You understand. It’s a condition.

9. Desert Dance – R. Carlos Nakai

A gorgeous goddess asked me where she could hear more flute music like the kind that’s played at the end of the Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit. Funnily enough… that would be *me* playing that flute. Like woah… it’s like I’m a musician or something! But not really. I play that Native American style flute. And if you’d like to hear more of that kind of scrumptiousness, Mr Nakai is the go-to God of the Flute.

Doooo eeeeeet.

10. Sanctuary – Riley Lee

Dude is like bliss jam-on-toast.

The End.

Riley Lee’s musical loveliness is like a herbal infusion of gentleness and peace into your life-tea-cup.


So there you go, divine hotties!

My top ten soulful-music-go-tos!

Hope you love as much as I do!

big love,