Dear Leonie,

I’m writing you this love letter for whenever you are having a hard day as a mama. I know you and I love you and I believe in you.

These are important things to remember. You are a being a wonderful mama. I know it can be hard work. I know sweetie, I know. I just want you to know that you really are doing your very best and that will be enough. Faith will carry you through, beautiful heart.

Go for a walk everyday, even if it is just down the street and onto the green field. Even if it means running out the door, foregoing a bra, and styling up with bedhair and your brother’s jumper and glaringly red yoga pants and Chris’ shoes. The way the wind feels against your cheeks and the sunset’s glow lighting up autumn leaves like golden dreams will restore you to yourself.

Take good care of your body. Nourish it and it will sustain you in good energy. Take your multivitamins and Bs and Cs. Have your green smoothie and chia porridge. Add green leafies to everything.

Rest when you can. Don’t get too wired from your to-do list. Try not to watch the clock at night. Don’t get too buzzed out on internetting. Don’t play too much iTouch Solitaire. Be purposeful. Be clear.

Write. It is good for you.

Take care of Mermaid Daughter’s and your needs as paramount. Ignore any other artificial priorities like not wanting to disappoint someone, or appear rude.

Bake stuff. Stay zen and happy.

Know there is NOT a one size fits all way to parent. You’ll just make the right choices for you and your family as you can. If it doesn’t work, try something new out. You can always choose and choose again.

Trust that Mermaid Daughter will let you know what she needs.

Put your headphones on and listen to some music, even if it is just for five minutes. Try and brush your hair everyday so you don’t feel frazzled.

Do three minutes of yoga with Mr Hunky, Little Mermaid on a blanket between you, giggling up at you in downward dog position like you are her very own human mobile.

Have as much fun and joy as possible.

Be gentle with yourself and Chris. You are both doing the best you can.

Know that everything is going to be okay. It always always is.

Call on your angels. They are all around you. Hold a crystal. Know you are supported and loved and taken care of.

You are enough. You are enough. You are enough.

I love you to the moon and back,