Thought it was time again for a tour of my studio…
I’ve since moved rooms to the main bedroom at the front of the house
(so we could use the studio at the back of the house as a bedroom to watch the stars in)…

You enter the studio through “Inspiration Door” ~ whenever an image or words grabs me, I pin it up on this door… it is filled with magazine photos, painted mandalas from womens circles, doodles, photographs and poetry.

I hope when I walk through Inspiration Door I am somehow pervaded with that lifechanging light of creativity, joy and life awareness.

I’m looking forward to buying this house in January so we can get rid of the fuscia pink paint and go something more blue/purple/Leonie…
This is where I sit and look out the window and paint, draw, write and cloud*dream.
I have three desks in my studio ~ they’ve come in dribs and drabs and I couldn’t resist any of them. There is a small pine writing desk (in the right of the above photo) that I have had since I was 12. It holds special memories for me. How many hours have I dreamed upon that table?
The desk on the left was a dining table given to me by a friend when we first moved to Canberra without furniture. Once we found a new table I kept it… it’s a beautiful large wooden surface to paint on and move around.

The third table is a white foldaway (above) that I bought when I was selling artwork at markets. It somehow crept into my studio and holds all the paintings I am working on.

The walls are festooned with artwork, letters, clippings, cards, notes to self… all that takes my eye and fancy 🙂

And here’s my “crew”… my support team… my physical manifestation of spirit guides… angels, mermaids and fairies. They sit on my desk and whisper truths to me.

Life is a masterpiece but you must be the one who allows the brush to touch the canvas.
~ Tony Sinclair

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