i made a decision last night to become vegetarian for a while… to try it out, see if the lifestyle fits me, how it makes me feel.

this has been coming for a little while…

i actually grew up on a beef farm and ate beef pretty much everyday for lunch and dinner. since moving out i’ve been eating meat progressively less and less… i usually eat lamb or chicken once or twice a week, the rest of the nights are vegetarian.

when i eat meat now, i don’t enjoy it really. i feel some sadness for the life lost. i think it’s cool if you can eat meat and thank the animal sincerely for sacrificing its life for your nourishment… but I don’t feel able to do this. I tend to turn off all thoughts, and just plow it into my mouth.

And i want to live my life consciously.

Last night i was reading Ram Dass’ book “Be Here Now.” He was speaking about the energies of the food we eat. If we eat something made with love, it changes that food, and it changes us. I know this to be entirely true. My dear friend Deb is a goddess. She pours her heart into her cooking, and whenever you eat it, you feel noticeably different. My belly feels so happy and nourished after eating her food. Even a cup of tea made by Deb tastes different. I have noticed this time and time again.

Ram Dass wrote about the energy that is in meat. Before an animal dies, it experiences fear, and adrenaline surges through all parts of its body. This is the energy you are eating.

It struck me so much in that moment that I knew I wanted to try a different way of living.

So here I am. Just after New Moon. Wanting to create a life filled with peace and consciousness.

I would love to hear of your stories of becoming vegetarian, why you chose to, any challenges you faced… also any advice or your fave recipes would be greatly appreciated.

thank you in advance.