Firstly, an apology for the lack of hats today.

I know; I too, am devastated. But we shall carry on.


Should you publish your book through a publishing house or should self-publish?

I’m going back to self-publishing after having a publishing deal for the last two years!

Watch the video to find out exactly why.

And maybe you’re watching this and thinking “pffft Leonie. LEEEEOOOONIEEEE. I’d have to HAVE a finished book in order to worry about publishing…”

And to you I say: everyone has a book inside them waiting to come out. 

Maybe it’s a workbook? Or maybe it’s an erotic novella?

If you want to get your book written, learn how to market the bejeezus out of it AND everything in between, check out 40 Days to a Finished Book!

Let’s get writing and editing and publishing! 

Fuck yeah!

Big love!