*Ross Geller voice* pivot… pivOT…. PIVOOOOOOOT!!!

Today I wanna talk about how to successfully pivot in your business!

What I mean by that is if you wanna change your business or product names, the way you implement strategies, changes to your team etc etc.

I’ve been online for 16 years and I have made changes A LOT!

I used to call everything “Goddess…”, I had a part time VA, then upsized to 25+ full time staff, then back down to a part time VA.

I even dabbled in network marketing for a few years, as a fun experiment!

And with every change I’ve made, peeps have been super supportive and excited for me.

I think that’s because they understood why the changes were being made, and I made sure to communicate and answer questions as we went along.

I hope this has been useful!

I’m sending you so much love as you continue to transform, grow and pivot in your business!

Love always, 



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