Tweethearts and Instabuddies! 

See what I did there? Hohohoho.

Another Q I’m always asked: what social media platforms should I use?

And the thing is, it’s different for every business, and every businesses’ CEO!

Like, first of all, what social media platforms do you actually enjoy using? If you hate the platform or don’t understand, it’s gonna suuuuck for you.

Secondly! Where are you target market hanging out?

Thirdly, don’t try and do all the social medias out there! You’ll burnout quick.

PLUS! How are you going to batch create and schedule your posts so it’s not taking up all your time?

Social media isn’t your job! It’s one piece of the marketing puzzle (if you choose to do it!)

What are you fave social media platforms to use in your business and why?

Can’t wait to hear!

Love always, 



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