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Are you ready for an absolute banger of an interview, babes?

I sat down with Viv Guy on her podcast Marketing Without Social Media and we talked all things running & marketing a $12 million dollar business!

Here’s what Viv had to say about our interview:

A lot of entrepreneurs think that to grow their leads means they have to grow their Social Media reach as well.

Absolutely not the case!

Social media in marketing is an option.

Yes, you heard it right.

Our esteemed guest in this episode is a fellow & kindred spirit, the epitome of Marketing WITHOUT social media. She is the owner of a business that has made over $12 million so far, a successful entrepreneur/blogger and course creator and swear bear, the one and only Leonie Dawson. Listen as Leonie shares her wisdom and techniques in running a successful multi million dollar online business without using social media.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How running a business that’s made $12 million (so far) has always had better leads without social media than with it, and where those leads come from
  • Finding partners and collaborators without social media
  • How to run a business and market it in just 10 hrs a week

Get ready to be inspired as fuck!

Ready to listen?

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