I love waking up at my parent’s farmhouse.

While me + Starry were bunking it there, we would wake up at dawn every morning.

Not because we had to. Not because there was an alarm clock telling us so.

Because that was when the light was golden.

This is the view out our bedroom window.

As soon as my Wild Centaur Dad hears us awake, he comes in for early morning baby cuddles + smiles.

The Wild Bushman turns to Goo and Giggles whenever there is a baby around.

Then we decide to take the party into Mama & Dad’s room to play a rousing game of “Four in the Bed.”


The view out their window is even more gorgeous.

When Dad finally decides to head off into the morning, me + Mama would stay in bed for another hour to cuddle Starry.

And when the sun’s up enough, it’s time for breakfast. On picnic blankets. Shooing away the miniature horse from eating your chia pudding.

A pretty normal morning all round, me thinks!

Ever wonder why I was so obsessed with moving back to the farm + country?


Come and visit.

miss you! love you! thinks the ground you walk on is heavenly!

P.S. Goddess Circle opens Wednesday! Would love to have you there if you are called!