Hola gorgeous goddess!

I want to talk more about spiritual stuff here. I mean – everything I talk about is spiritual, really. But I want to talk about the practical parts of spirituality too. How I actually DO spirituality, ya know? And I want to learn from you. How you do your spirituality too…

But first: I want to do ze religion talk first, for any new readers who might not be aware of Goddess Guidebook’s Official Spiritual Buffery Policy. {I just made that up but I LIKE it! Let’s pretend it’s all official + everything!}
So: Policy = You are totally + utterly welcome, celebrated + honoured here, no matter what religion you feel called to.
I’ve circled in Goddess circles with women who are atheist, Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Pagan, Hindu + Jewish.
It’s not about the religion’s name. We’re all searching. We’re all wanting love. We are all headed for God, no matter what we call it: Great Spirit, Buddha, God, no god, G_d, Allah.
The Dalai Lama says there are six billion paths up the mountain to God. We each take our different path, but we are all headed in the same direction.

I’m a Spiritual Buffetist: I fill up my plate of faith with delicious morsels from many different spiritual traditions. Whatever feels right to my spirit, I listen to.

And whatever feels right to your spirit? Is utterly perfect for you. No matter what.

So, religion talk aside, I want to talk about lightworking… something which I believe is applicable to all spiritual traditions!

I’m way intrigued by lightworking and lightworkers at the moment.

There’s two reasons for it: Through Different Eyes (ze book I have been in love with lately) is an adventure story of two people travelling around the world to do lightwork. And ze second reason? I know with a sureness in my bones that part of the reason I’m back here in Proserpine again is to be an earth lightworker and help the land here open up and glow. I want to help raise the energies here. Here, people are intrically connected to the earth. Super super grounded. Very base chakra. Which can be a really wonderful thing. I go to sleep every night with the soles of my feet buzzing and tingling from being barefoot out on the earth so much. It can also mean people can be not as open in the upper chakras, especially the third eye {intuition} + crown chakra {connection to spirit}. So I want to help this beautiful little town become really open again. And I just have this strange {well, not so strange, nothing’s reaaaaally that strange} vision that Proserpine needs to connect up to the big golden grid of light around the world. The vision tells me this grid all around the world helps people to heal… and that Proserpine will help to heal people in so many places by joining up.

Anywaysies, I’m now wanting to learn more more more!

And where else to go but to my favourite, wisest goddesses I know? Right here! You!

So… tell me dearest heart…

Let’s have a share in the comments…

Do you consider yourself a lightworker?

How do you do your lightwork?

I’d especially love to hear the techniques you use + how you know when + where to do lightwork too! And anything else you feel called to share would be beautiful too!

Tee hee hee… can you feeeeeel da light being emitttttted from my magical fairy hands???
Don’t tell me that you don’t tie rainbow fairy wings to your head too?

Can’t waaaaaait to read your sharings!

You are so so so loved dearest goddess!

big love,

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