Can you see the spider dangling between the wildflowers? Today.

we went for a gorgeous long bushwalk today,

up the side of a mountain, through xanthorrea trees,

among beautiful, quiet, solid rocks that asked to be embraced.

Photo by Chris.

Me on the rocks, overlooking the valley.

the kangaroos were out.

we looked out over the valley as we climbed higher.

looking down, then up to the mountains on the other side.

we climbed higher and higher, past our usual point of return.

I picked up a walking stick, then left it by the side of the road for our ascent.

We walked skyward until we were out of breath and our lungs hurt.

It felt good. Turning around, it was beautiful to see how far we had come.

as we walked back down, i fell (again) and twisted my ankle (again.)

Right next to the spot where I had left my stick. How lucky was that!

So I picked up my walking stick, and hobbled down the rest of the mountain,

trusty stick in one hand, chris on the other.

and it rained. and the flies were crazily abundant.

and it just amused me, the adventure of it all ~

going further than we’ve gone before,

and coming down, to twist my ankle,

and walk the rest of the way down, in the rain, with flies.

what a challenging but glorious day!

so much rain of late, and the native wildflowers were blooming.

there is so much pleasure to be had in this world.

if only we move softly beyond the discomfort.