Just a quickie today! 

This wee hermit is emerging from her cave and wants to share & connect more! While also… STAYING HOME! HOORAY! 

Want to interview me for anything? 

Podcast? Teleseminar series? Youtube show? 

I’m happy to talk about anything and everything, including: 

  • how I’ve built a $10m business in 10 hours a week
  • becoming a self-made multi-millionaire in my 30s
  • writing & self-publishing best-selling books
  • creating & selling eCourses
  • creativity & productivity
  • anything else that takes your fancy! (Seriously! I’ve even done interviews about my anxiety disorder and my birth stories! LOLLLLZ!) 

Just email support@leoniedawson.com and we can get it booked in! 

Carry on!

Big love,