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G’day gorgeous souls!

Let’s talk GOALS for a moment, shall we?

It’s the beginning of a new year. The air is ripe with possibilities.

All around us, there is talk of goals and planning and resolutions.

But the fact is this – the vast majority of us will end this year no different than how we began it.

Our dreams still tiny seeds that have not taken root.

And that makes me bloody sad.


When we learn how to be a goal-getter and a dream-birther, we are transformed.


  • become more confident
  • discover our own power + how to use it
  • realise our true potential
  • believe even more deeply in ourselves
  • become even more of our wonderful selves
  • find that life becomes easier, more joyful + more creative!

Goal-getting + dream-birthing is a LEARNED skill. A pragmatic practice that all too often is not shared, discussed, understood or worked at.

And yet it’s the skills that make all the difference.

I so deeply believe that when we learn the art of making our dreams come true, not only will our lives be transformed and healed, but so will the world.


Let’s talk about the research of achievement…

But first, let’s talk about why I’m such a goal goddess.  I saw these stats from a goal guy {aka a goalie – geddit? geddit?} named Dr. David Kohl who studies these things.  He said:

  • 80% of Americans claim that they don’t have goals
  • 16% of them have goals, but they don’t write them down
  • Only 3% actually have written goals, but they don’t review them regularly
  • Only 1% has written goals and they review them regularly, and these are among the highest achievers in the US

Or for those of who you read in images like moi:

goals infographic part 1

OK, so whether you’re in the US or anywhere else in the whole wide world, if you’re one of that 1% that’s writing down your goals and reviewing them, HOLY MOTHER!  You’ve just raced to the front of the line, haven’t you?!?

And, I mean, for what? For making a doodly little list!!!

Yes, there’s more to it than making a list, but writing down your goals is the first step to success.

May I suggest you pin that, tweet it, print it out, hang it up, and stick it to your forehead, because it’s THAT TRUE.

My hunky hubby once asked me how many goals I had.

And my answer was in the triple digits.

I don’t think he was expecting that!  HA!

Yes, it’s true that I have more goals than the average person. But I also achieve a lot more than the average person!  I think there’s a correlation there, don’t you?


3 step solution to your dreams coming true!

So if you really want your dreams to come true… here’s your three step formula to success. Around here I’d make some fancy dance reference, but I am really fucking uncoordinated and can only dance The Running Man and The Leonie Crazy Dance. But pretend I’ve made a punny dance reference, and we can both pretend to be cultured normals, okly dokly? HIGH FIVES!

Enough of the ridunkulous, here’s the juice…

goals infographic part 2


Step 1. Write down your goals.

Step 2. Review them.

Step 3. Achieve amazing, mind-blowing success

Your Mission For The Next Month

Either tear out a piece of paper and write down your goals…

Or grab a 2016 Shining Year Life or Biz goals workbook (or both of them!) and be led through the process in a proven, powerful, creative way that actually gets results.

Supercharge your effort by grabbing a 2016 Shining Year diary-planner and it will get you setting weekly goals AND get you doing a full monthly review of your goals as well!


Goals keep my actions in line with my intentions.

If you haven’t written any goals lately…

or you haven’t achieved any of the goals you did write…

or you honestly don’t KNOW if you’ve achieved the goals you wanted to… (It happens!!)

Chances are, you weren’t being specific enough, my lovelies.

Goals are like small children: they need very specific instructions!

If you wrote down, “I want to rock my launch this month!” how will you really know if you rocked it?  I mean, what does rocking it look like? Is it 100 sales? 5 sales? 5,000 sales?  And what if you got a good number of sales, but not quite as many as you hoped for, but you did get some good press from it, and a few new signups to your list, but again not as many as you’d hoped and—


Maybe it would be easier to have a goal like:

I will reach 300 people who need this product with this launch.

Boom.  Done.

And will you know when you’ve reached that goal? You bet you will!  Cross it off and pop the champagne!


What about personal goals?

Should your goal say:

I want to spend more time with my family.


I will have switch-off Sundays when I step AWAY from the computer and spend the day with my family.

It’s a lot easier to tell if you’ve achieved that then “spend more time with” right?

So let’s review our steps again:

Step 1. Write down your goals

Step 2. Make them über specific

Step 3. Review them

Step 4. Wild, amazing, unbridled success!

Once you know the specific goal – the number, the time frame, the people – you’ll know when it’s tick-off-able.

And let’s be TOTALLY HONEST: there’s really nothing better than crossing something off your goals list, is there?



What to do going through forward:

Get out your 2016 Create Your Shining Year In Life + Biz workbooks, review your goals, and make them happen!

Goal setting is practical magic, my lovelies, and you can make it happen today.

To all your biggest dreams,

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