dear Leonie, you are such a beautiful soul!!! i totally adore your work, your art and your philosophy. Leonie, your clothes are just so beautiful!!! would you consider posting about your delicious, colourful, joy-soaked wardrobe – where you find such delicious gems? sending blessings, love and light xxx
~Beth T


You are bloody adorable. Thank you. You’re so kind.

Two things:

1. Rad name.

Are you also a wild-at-heart elf who gives zero fucks about personal safety and are your own self-contained world?

I happen to adore a Beth that fits that description.

Maybe you are more sane than her though.

Either way: good for you.

2. I should, for the record, state:

If I knew as a teenager that one day someone would ask me for FASHION ADVICE I would have howled with laughter so hard I would have weed a little.

Actually, if I knew yesterday someone would one day ask me for FASHION ADVICE I would have weed even more because #childrenhavefuckedmybladdercontrol.


I am the least fashion interested girl I know.

I kind of just glaze over at the idea of shoes and handbags and clothes shopping.

That said, I have found my very own specific closet that works for me.

It’s a very very complicated style statement.

“boho hobo”

(i.e. bohemian homeless).


The three rules of boho hobo are:

  • comfortable
  • colourful
  • natural fabrics.

They can be surprisingly hard to find.

So lemme tell you where I find mine:



Keshet is an incredibly popular Tasmanian brand.

If you see someone wearing something gorgeous and colourful, you give them a knowing look and ask… “Keshet?”

I nearly bought out the whole fucking store when we lived there.

Now I keep my Keshet dream alive thanks to the wonders of internet shopping.

They do awesome sales online as well.



Zebart is an Australian brand. I’ve found it in quite a few independent boutiques where I’ve lived, including Cherrie Baby Boutique in the Whitsundays and Cuscus Boutique in Kuranda.

Anyways, Zebart specialise in flowing dresses and tops in soft, beautiful natural fibres.

When I first tried some Zebart on, my eyes rolled into the back of my head. SO comfortable and soft.

I’ve had a couple of their dresses for four years in pretty continual rotation and they’ve held up well.

You can order online.

sunny daisy

Sunny Daisy Tie Dye

I stalked Amelia online on Instagram for a long time before realising she actually stalked me as well and was also in the Academy. Her Sunny Daisy Tie Dye online store is the rad. Hippy mecca.


Tangerine Meg

I love Meg’s artwork + have some of her original artworks.

I also bought one of her art shirts years ago and it became my favourite.

I have worn it out to the fuckery, so ended up re-ordering a new bunch this year.

You can order her shirts online here.

Special Mentions!


I should also mention Ruby & Lilli tees just because of this fucking gem of theirs. (Also – they have it on sale right now. BOO YEAHHHH YOU SHOULD ALL BUY THEM ALL AND WE CAN ALL WEAR MATCHING TSHIRTS TOGETHERRRRRRRRR FOREVERRRR)

You too can look THIS elegant!


More fashunny things:

  • My wedding dress was by Wunjo Crow + I still wear it often.
  • I also have one of these shirts as well which is rad. I do love me a good slogan shirt!
  • If you are ever in Proserpine, go to Colour Me Crazy. It’s the most incredible, artsy store filled to the brim with beautiful jewellery, clothes + homewares.
  • When I was living in Kuranda I did buy a bunch of clothes as well from Tantrika which was a local boutique with funky designs. Just Gorgeous also have some lovely funky, flowy clothes as well.
  • I can’t even talk about Mongrel Socks without getting emotional. Their bamboo socks are unspeakably good.

So that’s me… Full time fashion blogger…

Rockin’ my comfort+colour swag. Ha!

(And nope, NONE of this has been a sponsored post. Just sharing what I love!)

Hopefully you’ve discovered some new wonderful places for threads that make you smile.

In the very least, I’ve just done some internet shopping…



Big love from your tall, dishevelled but mostly happy friend,