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I’m opening up spots for a podcast interview each week for the next 2 months!

I don’t do much of these… I think I’ve only done about 4 this year? Because #creativehermit.

Why interview me?

  • I’m the CEO of two multi-million dollar brands
  • I’m the self-published author of best-selling books that are now being used by over a quarter of a million people worldwide
  • I’ve been finalist for myBusiness Australian Business Woman of the Year and Ausmumpreneur of the Year.
  • I’m a philanthropist…
  • and am fairly ridiculous + outspoken to boot.
  • Whenever I do manage to emerge from my creative cave enough to do interviews, I get consistent feedback that I’m ranked one of their most popular speakers.
  • And I’m happy to share the interview across my social media platforms and mailing list (a reach of over 300,000).

If you’ve got a big audience… would love to hear from you! Let’s make magic together! Please fill out this form to get started.

And if you don’t… can you do me a ginormous favour and either share this with someone who does… or tag them in this FB post… or comment and tell me what podcasts you listen to?

Thank you so much dearests! Excited to share the end results with you!

Big love,

Love Leonie With Workbooks
P.S. If you’re still establishing your podcast audience, this isn’t the right opportunity for you, sorry love. My energy is limited and I need to be mindful of helping the most amount of people with the small amount of time I have. I hope you can understand, dear one!