Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s Monday here in Australia-land, but maybe somewhere in the world it’s Sunday… so… ta da! Creative Goddess Sunday! The day of the week where I share some of my creative treasures, as well as other deliciousness from my journey.

The Long Weekend.

After all the big overwhelmness and exhaustion from the last few months, it was Time. My lover love-ness Chris, God of Wisdom and Adorableness, decided to take off Friday and Monday just so we could have a loooong weekend together. *heart squee* If I haven’t mentioned it for the 3,782nd time this life, Gosh I adore that man. Our Looong Weekend together has been the perfect holiday for both of us. It’s been the perfect blend of Chilling and Relaxing – Chillaxin. It’s been sleeping in, and reading novels. It’s been deep and happy and funny talking, and going on madcap adventures all over Canberra searching for the fourth member of our heart family. It’s been perfectly delightful. It’s been just what I needed. In times of desert-soul, I need top-ups of Chris tonic.

Excuse me while I think about him far too much.

Maybe this post needs a picture.

Just a little reminder that the most amazing men in the world DO exist, and they are as close as your work’s IT department (at least, mine was).

Now I’ve stopped gushing, update on the puppeh front.

Darling curly-tailed, adorably-underbitten puppeh Benny was claimed by his Mama and Papa over the weekend. As much as we adored him, we’re so glad he’s found his home again… and it can only mean another precious puppeh is being sent for us. So today, we did what we needed to do to fulfill our Universe Bargain – we looked for him. In all the pounds. The RSPCA. The foster doggy association. We had our fingers licked senseless by a squirmy Maltese. Someone – not Chris – but one of us – started crying over a little Jack Russell. We played ball with a chubby golden terrier. And we played – AGAIN – with a hopelessly precious Shitzu cross.

With each one, we asked:
Are you ours, darling? Are you the one to join our happy heart family?

And they haven’t been. A dog tells you with its energy who its heart belongs to. And as hard as it is, we’ve had to trust, and have faith, and say no. And in doing so, say yes to the one who is already looking for us. We’ll keep looking. And trusting. And having fun. And seeing what beauty unfolds. {As a sidenote – none of the dogs we’ve looked at are on death row – if they were, it would be a different story.}

I’ll keep you updated about this miracle journey, dearhearts.

In the meantime, if you are a puppeh-watcher like me, you can check out my pound’s website here. I’m only refreshing it like a thousand times a day! hee hee hee.

The thousand blessings of this.

There are a thousand blessings in all things.

Just three that I’m deeply deeply grateful for are:

* Spending such precious time with my amazing love. He is a gift to me from Great Spirit.
* Getting to meet so many beautiful puppeh souls. Each of them are so different, with their own energy and presence and love and gifts. I have adored meeting all of them.
* Coming home to our darling Charlie. Knowing that if we ever saw him in a pound cage again, we would choose him again, over and over. Charlie Puppeh is funny and light-hearted and a song and a cuddle wrapped in a blanket. He is wise and ridiculous in the most perfect of ways. He’s a healer and a foot-fetisher all in one. Right now, as I type, he is sniffer-dogging my shoes. They smell of pound and other dogs.

So, as always,

It’s all good.

Other freaking awesome things.

And tomorrow. Tomorrrrow! I get to visit with my mentor Ellanita again. Time to get my body & soul massaged with her healing hands & truth-speaking.
She’s holy-amazing-batman. I’ve written about her here and here. Oh, and a photo of her exquisite self here.
It’s so very, very good to give myself over for some loving tender-ing again. Hello cup being filled back up again!

I haz bin interviewed.
This week I’m the featured Highly Creative Blogger for Next Chapter: 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women.
It was so gorgeous to speak with Jamie – go check out the interview. In it I do a little “Opening to Creativity” meditation as well. You can listen to the interview here.

Which reminds me.

Oh that’s right! It’s Creative Goddess Sunday… when I get to share some of my latest creations. Hurrah!

This one is a Custom Soul Story of Karen Knowler (aka the Raw Food Coach and author of Raw Food ebooks).

The artwork has her favourite, vibrant colours… with words to remind her of the beauty, vibrancy, vision and love that surrounds her.

As always, feel free to share your own Creative Goddess creations in the Comments circle.

And we’ll meet back here soon to share some more self-soothing techniques.

Have a gorgeous, gorgeous day, darling. You deserve it.


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