Okay, I need your help, my sweet friends…

I am attempting to get the attention of a literary agent or publishing house to explore the possibility of getting my (ridiculously successful and profitable) self-published yearly goals workbooks into a publishing house to reach even more people.

I’ve sold more than most Australian (and international) best-selling books – close to 100,000 already… with 20,000 already sold in pre-orders for 2017(!!!!!!!!) and another 165,000 being used through non-profit organisations globally. And this is all selling direct from my website – not through bookstores! I’ve also got a reach of over a quarter of a million people across social media, and 75,000 peeps on my mailing list.

Still, I can’t even get answers to emails or phone calls from agents and have my books sitting in nine month long slush piles at publishing houses (!!!!!!!) Which totally makes me think in my head: “Do you peeps not like money or something? I AM TRYING TO THROW MONEY AT YOU!!!!” (when I’m not crying with my head on my desk asking WHYYYYYYYYYYYY IS THIS SO HARD… I JUST WANT TO HELP MORE PEOPLE WITH THESE BOOKS!!!!)

I totally hesitated at sharing this… but I’m just trusting that, as always, my tribe usually has the answers!

So… know any agents or publishing houses that are interested in talking? Please send ’em my way!
If you are one, please email private@leoniedawson.com ! <3 Let’s talk!


P.S. NO – this does NOT affect our 2017 range (or our 2018 range either likely…) It’s business as usual – I’m just exploring possibilities for the future as we continue growing wildly. I could also totally stay self-published!


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