As inspired by Alice Bartlett. A wee collection of dot points to round up my week.

  • I got new glasses today. A chunky pair of blue frames that make me look like an art professor. And a pair of slightly more sedate Coco Song glasses in pink, purple, glitter & blue. HAWT.
  • On Monday I was a productive motherfucker. I’ve barely managed to do shit since then, and have been completely beholden to tiredness, a headache, moodiness & zero motivation.
  • I don’t know if I’m perimenopausal or if it’s a combination of *waves hands vaguely* all of this life and pandemic stuff.
  • I also paused my testing of ADHD medication this week because I was overanalysing its effectiveness. I’ll go back to testing again once I’ve calmed my farm.
  • Chris is still recovering post-Covid. He’s still nowhere near 100% yet.
  • I finished 8 books on the weekend and gave myself eye strain. Because of course I did. Still, I read some absolutely ripper books – Break the Internet about the rise of influencers was exceptional and absolutely enthralled me as someone who has been around that industry for nearly 20 years. Unvaxxed was also a fascinating little tome on the history of the anti-vaccination movement from an Australian perspective.
  • My biggest kid shocked us this week by informing us she’s decided to change high schools near year to a small independent school close by. We’re so proud of her for knowing herself well enough to decide, and for knowing we’d support her. We’re also SO relieved we moved this year – we did it to be closer to other school options if we needed them, and it turns out we very much do.
  • Big kid also tried out a dance class this week which she ended up loving. I’m so happy for her, it’s a joy to watch her bloom.
  • I bought an Astroboy jumper but Big Kid has already stolen it. She’s 12, and most of my jumpers end up in her cupboard. I vacillate being completely charmed by it, and then being slightly annoyed that I have so few jumpers left. Luckily, I still have a rainbow Dangerfield cardigan that I’ve been wearing non stop.
  • Big Kid has day off school today, so we played Catan together. When she won, I got her to behave like I do when I win board games: by pointing at the loser and yelling “IN YOUR FACE.” I’m so proud of her.
  • It’s been a Big Kid-focussed week, clearly.
  • I wrapped up my 3 month coaching program “The Uplevel Incubator.” It was so rad to get to know some good quality humans more. Last time I did small group coaching before this round was in 2012. Maybe in another decade again, I’ll do it. For now, I want to make some more stuff.
  • Had a call with my accountant and told him I want to pay off our new house ASAP because I don’t like having a mortgage.
    Him: “Sure, we have some clients who want to do that. We can look at paying it off in 4-5 years.”
    Him: “1-2 years?”
    Me: “That’s all it’s taken me to pay off every other mortgage we’ve had!”
    Him: “Okly dokly! Let’s do it then!”
    Honestly, that poor bugger forgets sometimes that I am NOT a normal hooman. I’m a shoot for the sky motherfucker, not a “let’s set reasonable goals and work steadily towards them” robot.
  • I got to meet Viv Guy in person for cups of tea and lemon cake! And like typical business coaches… we ended up scrapping the chit chat and writing up business strategy plans instead and brainstorming together. Bahahahahaha!
  • Finally got some new pendant lights installed in our kitchen. I got the same as we installed in our last kitchen because I loved them so much. I still need to get the countertops redone – they are currently jet black and I’m going for more of a Rainbow Vomited On A Hamptons Cottage vibe.
  • Re-read “Billy and The Minpins” to the kids this week. It ends with the most beautiful paragraph ever to finish a book.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Righto, onto the weekend. I’ve got big plans of reading, maybe doing some art journaling with my kids, possibly going to the library if I feel really wild, and having our in-laws over for morning tea.


All my love,