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Welcome to the third Q&A episode of Leonie Dawson Refuses to be Categorised! We’re on a roll now!

This episode is brought to you by my delightful assistant: Zita Norton! We’re covering all the tech & software Qs today, so buckle in because it’s a sexy one!

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Here are the questions I answered:

Deborah: What tech are you using? I know you left ConfusionSoft… what’s your email client now? What is connecting to what? Is it Active Campaign/PayPal/Stripe/Kajabi? Tech is the bane of my existence and I’d love to SIMPLIFY. 

Suzanne: I would enjoy hearing about how you decided on Kajabi and how it’s worked for you.  What your skill set is, and what skill sets you’ve hired to help you get online.

Nancy: What is a good way to sell digital products? I don’t have a website and was wondering if I should create a sales page and list my digital goods. For example, a product like: What to feed your senior dog? How to navigate epilepsy? How to apply for Social Security?

Malaika: What system do you use to handle customer service inquiries? What system do you use to share sales orders with your manufacturers?

Laura: I’d like your opinion on affiliate payments when the customer chooses a payment plan. If customers have payments spread out over three or even more payments, then when do affiliates get paid and how do you keep track of that? 

Roza: Hi Leonie, I would love to learn from you how to create your style digital or hand made art work, illustrations you include in your emails, blog, website. Thank you.

Jenny: Do you have a content producing and marketing system? It’s hard to stay consistent & focused while looking after students and creating new courses

Dora: I’m totally new to the world of blog posts. if you could please help me with: 

  • What programs work best for creating artistic content for blog posts. i.e. so I can include images, videos, different colours, etc
  • What is the best program for storing email lists?
  • Are there any courses you recommend I do (other than yours of course!) for learning how to create – photoshop? Etc
  • What works better for you computer/laptop wise – Microsoft/HP or Apple?

Shez: How do you decide on your pricing?

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