Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I’m tapping this to you in the sweet early sweeps of a New Year’s morning. Last night, champagne bottles began bubbling over, parties were thrown and fireworks began cracking… but this is not how I celebrated New Year’s. There is quietness in my bones this morning. A brand new blue shining day. This morning, I want to give power and voice to each of us making Holy Days {holi-days} our own. Whether that’s turning our current holidays into days of meaning and power, or claiming new days that are our own Sacred Days.

Here are some ways to welcome in the New Year as a Goddess, celebrating it as a day of power and profound space.

Letting Go

2008 – the numerological sign of 1 – was a year of New Beginnings. I personally witnessed huge changes take place in relationships, souls and circumstances – in my own life, those around me, and the world as a whole. They weren’t just changes, they were transformations. Yep – it’s been a big year. New Year’s is a time for giving gratitude for the blessings and lessons the past year has given each of us, and letting go of anything that we need to release in order to embrace our future.

Letting go – it can take it’s shape in so many forms. Throwing out, clearing clutter, burning paper with fears scrawled on it, releasing physically, emotionally, etherically. So many of us can have fear when it comes to Letting Go – but I like to see our lives as the sand right beside the ocean. Dig a hole in it, and it fills right up again with sparkling sea water. We are just like that – clear out some pieces that need releasing, and that hollow space becomes hallowed space – filled with sparkling sea water, ready for new and beautiful things to come into our lives.

And so, that’s how I came last night to be standing over my parents-in-law’s bathroom sink, scissors in hand, chopping away at my hair. With each cut, I sent up a prayer – letting go all that had frayed my hair in the last year and asking to be filled instead with grace. I let go so I may step into my beautiful future. I let go so I may step into my beautiful new year. I let go so I may be my beautiful self.

I gathered my hair ends, and walked outside, offering them to a lavendar plant to nourish it, sustain it, allowing my old parts return to the soil to become something new. It makes me smile and glow to know that in some small way, my hair will become a part of that lavendar bush, helping it to exude its soft healing scent, helping colour its tips vibrant purple, helping it be all it is supposed to be. All that is let go is not lost – it goes on to create new miracles.

Just like us. I stood beneath a crescent moon, and a bright shining Venus, hair new and curling pixie-like, raised my arms to the wind and said Thank you, dear world. For all you have given me. For all that is to come.

Setting your intentions

We were wandering around yesterday, my love and I, finding hidden bookstores in this funny old town by the river, when he took my hand. He takes me to a general store, and hunts the aisles. He’s got the look of a man on a mission. And he is. He finds wide polished river stones, and a marker pen. He drives me to the river, where an old tree stands beside the water.

Let’s write words for the New Year on the stones, and throw them in the river. The river will take care of them.

This man’s simple wisdom and grace takes me by surprise even after eight years of loving him.

And so we did. In three stones, I distilled exactly what called my heart and soul for the coming year.

And now, my intentions live beneath Mama Murray, beneath the old tree and the white birds. Just waiting to be born, with me as their mother, with the universe as our midwife.

Passing the Talking Stick to you…

As always, you can share in the comments circle… or just ponder these questions in the way that is right for you…

What do you wish to let go of to step into your beautiful New Year?
You don’t always have to know what to let go of – just to have the intention can be enough. Whatever is right for you, is perfect.
How you would like to let go of it?What are your intentions for the New Year?How would you like to create a ceremony to celebrate your intentions in a way that is meaningful for you?

Deepest blessings of a New Year to you, beautiful soul.
I am so glad you are here – that we are all here – listening to the Goddess inside.


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