Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today, I’m writing this as we drive along the long road from my love’s family’s home, to our home. Across four states, from golden tree-less plains of South Australia, through the giant old eucalypts of Victoria, sleeping in a town that rests on the banks of Mama Murray River. Ever since India and Mama Ganges, rivers have become mothers to me. Tomorrow, we’ll drive into the low rolling hills of New South Wales until we reach our little alpine alcove of Canberra. With my love beside me, views out the windows, a golden puppy on his pillow behind us and a box of books and drawing materials within arm’s reach, life is good. All that is needed, is right here.

Today, I wanted to talk about why I’m running the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle. Because I’m feeling passionate, and the horizon stretches long before us, embracing us with space, asking to be filled with words and stories and passion.

I’m running the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle because it needs to be run.
Because along the way we forget that creativity and sacred circles and our spirit are essential, and are aching to be a part of our everyday lives.

You see, once upon a time, we were all artists. Our creativity and our spirituality weren’t compartmentalised or separate from our lives. Everyday, we created. We created, sculpted and adorned those things we needed. We etched into the clay drinking pot, we braided baskets, and in the red desert sand we drew maps and stories with our fingers. Our lives and all that surrounded us were an expression of our selves, our spirits, our dreamings, our hands. Everyday, we lived and felt our beliefs. We gazed at the sun being born over the mountains, and gave thanks to Great Spirit, to God, to the Great One Inside and All Around, for the riches of a new day. We lay in grass hewn fields, breathing softly, feeling the embrace of mother earth around us. We raised our arms to the sky in exaltation and joy, in love with our bodies, our stories and our selves. We gathered in sacred circles, honouring each other, ourselves and our lives. We remembered who we were. We lived powerful, joyful, sacred, creative lives. We were Goddesses.

Once upon a time, this was true. And it will be true again – because we are making it so.

No more being lost. No more forgetting our magnicifence. No more choosing less than. No more pulling back on our own reins. No more not creating and not making and not speaking and not sharing for what we may find there. Because what we will find there is beauty, and spirit, and truth. And our truth is always, always a beautiful thing. When we share our truth with love, compassion and awareness, it is the best thing for all of us – for ourselves, for those who surround us, and for the whole world in turn.

What we are creating here is a revolution of radiance. We are re-membering our gifts and we are savouring our soul’s flavours that we were born with. We are creating a wild new brave rainbow world, with every breath we take, word we speak and stroke of our brush.

We are remembering to circle once more – this ancient, ancient rite made true again. We are remembering to listen unconditionally and share in each other’s stories and wisdom. We are remembering true women’s sisterhood. We are remembering the deep wisdom that resides within us, gifting ourselves and others with the truth that dances inside us.

We are remembering that the greatest inspiration, woman and artist we will ever meet – is right inside us. That’s exciting. That is scrumptious. To know – that the guru, the sacred one, the one who will love us and make it all right – she’s inside each of us. Our biggest inspiration and deepest marvel is inside you.

We remember that creating our art, stories, lives and selves is deep and natural and profound. It is what we were born to do. It is what will make our heart and spirit sing a song more beautiful than we have heard before.

I’m running the Course because I had a dream one night, and I woke up that day I put out the first call. Because a dream told me too, and it wanted to be made born. It wanted to reach out on wings, and soar into the lives of all those who were calling for it.

We are here. In a small town with grain silos and weatherboard hourses and people walking on roads. A caravan park, and sage-burnt bush. Across the horizon there is tender blue, and I see a bird flying in the winds, off to make miracles, and touch lives and be who it was born to be. Just like you, just like me.

The Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle begins January 15. You are invited to be a part of the connection, miracles, magic, creativity and inspiration that happens there. Enrol here.

I’m so glad we are doing this, beautiful Goddesses.
I’m so glad we are remembering the Goddess in You, the Goddess in Me.