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More what if questions…

What if I started doing what felt right to ME – even if it seemed not sensible to the rest of the world?

What if I sashayed with spirit?

What if I became more intimately aquainted with all shades of grey, instead of being a great afficiondo of black/white?

What if I acknowledged that sometimes the right answer can be beguilingly difficult to see?

What if I wafted in not knowing either?

What if I just said YES I HEAR YOU instead of setting out to save the world?

What if I said no to something because a yes would only be for money or other’s expectations?

What if…

What if I lived in trees?

What if I put more faith in this universe, in Mother Gaia?

What if I really, truly believed that when I live my life as radiantly, truthfully, creatively, and Leonie~like as possible, I would be doing the GREATEST thing for this earth?

What if these questions are vitally important?

And a random Quote from the day at work:

BQ: Ignore me, I’m just calling out comments from the peanut gallery…
Me: Ooh, I could do with some peanuts…
EJ: What? Peanuts? I could do with some cashews!
BQ: Hey! Do you know how cashews are grown? They grow singularly out of the bottom of the fruit of the cashew tree. That’s why they are so expensive – only one per fruit!

Freaky, but true
. And an interesting, albeit a rather random discussion. I feel like I’ve learned something new today…

What if I learned something new every single day of my life?

What if I said WOW at something… every single day of my life.